Kyosho Optima Mid 4WD 1:10 Kit *Legendary Series*

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Part No. : K.30622
EAN: 4548565415434
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  • Description Technique

    The founding father of the modern racing buggies.
    Lighting quick World Championship debut machine returns!

    Caractéristiques Techniques

    ■Length 375mm
    ■Width 244mm
    ■Height 142mm
    ■Wheelbase 255mm
    ■Tread (F/R) 208mm
    ■Weight approx1,600g(with 7.2V4000 LiPo)
    ■Tires (F/R) φ82×36mm
    ■Motor 540 class size (sold separately)
    ■Gear ratio 8.28:1

    Contenu de l'ensemble

    <Kit Contents>
    ●Kit chassis
    ●Wheel (white)
    ●Clear body
    ●Wing (white)
    ●Mask sheet
    ●hexagon wrench
    ●Cross wrench
    ●Shock wrench
    ●Shock oil

    Nécessaire de démarrage

    <Required for Operation>
    ●2 channel R/C system
    ●210mm Sensor cable
    ●Battery for chassis(7.4V Ni-MH battery or 7.4V Li-Po battery)
    ●Charger for battery for chassis
    ●Batteries for transmitter


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